We are Sam & Rayana Sacramento, husband-wife, best friends, parents, daydreamers, story-tellers and Photographers.

We consider ourself lucky couple because this fantastic and demanding profession allows us to make hopes and dreams come true. We are motivated by the constant desire to create unique images full of love, life and personality,

Together we have photographed more than 500 unique weddings in 21 countries.

Rayana, daughter of amazing artists, also studied theater, cinema and was a professional athlete for many years.

Sam, also an ex-athlete, attended photography school in London and has always been passionate about this art since he was a child. Today Sam is among the 5 best photographers in the Photography World Cup 2020.

We are based in England, Italy and the USA, available worldwide.

We prefer to be behind the camera, but here we are, nice to meet you!

Meet our girls, Angelina, Zara and Hannah