We are Sam & Rayana Sacramento, husband-wife, best friends, parents, daydreamers, story-tellers and Photographers.

"Sam Sacramento is among the top five wedding photographers in the world."

We are Sam and Rayana Sacramento, husband and wife, best friends, parents, dreamers, storytellers, and photographers.

We are a blessed couple because this fantastic and demanding profession allows us to fulfill our hopes and dreams. We are driven by the constant desire to create unique images full of love, life, and personality.

We consider ourselves citizens of the world since we lived in England, Brazil, and now between the USA and Italy. In the last 15 years, we have had the joy of photographing in 28 countries. We have more than 500 weddings in our portfolio, each one more memorable than the last.


Rayana was born in a creative cradle, she is the daughter of great artists! In her background, she has film production and direction. In addition to being a professional athlete and model for many years. Today, Rayana is the director of the company and uses all of her artistic training for photography and album design.


Sam, also a former athlete, studied photography in London, Los Angeles, Hongkong, and Porto. Sam has been passionate about this art since childhood. Today Sam is among the top 5 wedding photographers in the world by the World Cup & SWPP 2020/2021 and has more than 200 international awards from prestigious associations such as WPPI, SWPP, and WPE. In addition to shooting, Sam is a photography competition judge, speaker, and mentor.

We prefer to be behind the camera, but here we are, nice to meet you!

Meet our girls, Angelina, Zara and Hannah